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Color Black

United Kingdom: 5 days
International: 10 days
The Fallen Cloud top is made of fine black tulle. This delicate piece is asymmetrical in design and falls to one side exposing one shoulder which is held in place with a thin cotton strap. The cloud-like and cut-out soft curves fall haphazardly around the body as if a small rain cloud is enshrouding you, moving delicately as you move around. The asymmetry of the design gives varied compositions from each angle you view it from. This special piece has employed advanced pattern cutting and draping skills in its conception and it took many hours to develop the final composition. It is transparent and we wear ours with one of our bra tops over it or with a white shirt underneath.

This piece has been entirely designed, sewn, finished and packaged in London; from initial sketch to final stitch.
Fine tuelle

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